Gene: Cre16.g661626 (Genome version: v5.5)


Common name:

Protein Localization

We did not create a plasmid for this gene.

Protein-Protein Interactions

We did not determine any protein-protein interactions for this gene.

Mutant Strains

Insertion Junction Mutant Strain Orientation Insertion Junction Feature Confidence (%)
LMJ.RY0402.038472_2 LMJ.RY0402.038472 sense 3'UTR 95
LMJ.RY0402.038472_3 LMJ.RY0402.038472 antisense 3'UTR 95
LMJ.RY0402.043068_1 LMJ.RY0402.043068 antisense 5'UTR 58
LMJ.RY0402.050369_1 LMJ.RY0402.050369 antisense 5'UTR 95
LMJ.RY0402.050369_2 LMJ.RY0402.050369 antisense CDS 95
LMJ.RY0402.055211_2 LMJ.RY0402.055211 antisense 5'UTR 73
LMJ.RY0402.057557_2 LMJ.RY0402.057557 sense 5'UTR 58
LMJ.RY0402.069382_3 LMJ.RY0402.069382 sense 3'UTR 58
LMJ.RY0402.071808_1 LMJ.RY0402.071808 antisense intron 95
LMJ.RY0402.071808_2 LMJ.RY0402.071808 antisense intron 95
LMJ.RY0402.080524_2 LMJ.RY0402.080524 sense 5'UTR 58
LMJ.RY0402.099710_2 LMJ.RY0402.099710 sense 3'UTR 73
LMJ.RY0402.104029_2 LMJ.RY0402.104029 antisense intron 95
LMJ.RY0402.104029_3 LMJ.RY0402.104029 antisense intron 95
LMJ.RY0402.122663_3 LMJ.RY0402.122663 sense 3'UTR 95
LMJ.RY0402.122663_4 LMJ.RY0402.122663 sense 3'UTR 95
LMJ.RY0402.125776_1 LMJ.RY0402.125776 sense 3'UTR 95
LMJ.RY0402.125776_2 LMJ.RY0402.125776 sense 3'UTR 95
LMJ.RY0402.127598_1 LMJ.RY0402.127598 sense 3'UTR 73
LMJ.RY0402.129100_2 LMJ.RY0402.129100 sense 3'UTR 58
LMJ.RY0402.137811_2 LMJ.RY0402.137811 sense 5'UTR 73
LMJ.RY0402.138089_2 LMJ.RY0402.138089 antisense 5'UTR 73
LMJ.RY0402.139349_2 LMJ.RY0402.139349 sense 5'UTR 58
LMJ.RY0402.139693_2 LMJ.RY0402.139693 antisense 3'UTR 73
LMJ.RY0402.140932_1 LMJ.RY0402.140932 antisense 5'UTR 95
LMJ.RY0402.140932_2 LMJ.RY0402.140932 antisense 5'UTR 95
LMJ.RY0402.142435_1 LMJ.RY0402.142435 sense CDS 58
LMJ.RY0402.144675_1 LMJ.RY0402.144675 sense CDS 73
LMJ.RY0402.150028_2 LMJ.RY0402.150028 antisense 5'UTR 73
LMJ.RY0402.150403_1 LMJ.RY0402.150403 antisense 5'UTR 95
LMJ.RY0402.150403_2 LMJ.RY0402.150403 antisense intron 95
LMJ.RY0402.159909_3 LMJ.RY0402.159909 antisense 5'UTR 58
LMJ.RY0402.176519_2 LMJ.RY0402.176519 antisense 3'UTR 95
LMJ.RY0402.176519_3 LMJ.RY0402.176519 antisense 3'UTR 95
LMJ.RY0402.192090_2 LMJ.RY0402.192090 sense 3'UTR 58
LMJ.RY0402.193305_2 LMJ.RY0402.193305 sense 3'UTR 73
LMJ.RY0402.195613_2 LMJ.RY0402.195613 sense intron 58
LMJ.RY0402.197134_1 LMJ.RY0402.197134 sense 5'UTR 95
LMJ.RY0402.197134_2 LMJ.RY0402.197134 sense 5'UTR 95
LMJ.RY0402.201987_2 LMJ.RY0402.201987 sense 3'UTR 95
LMJ.RY0402.204294_1 LMJ.RY0402.204294 antisense CDS 95
LMJ.RY0402.204294_2 LMJ.RY0402.204294 antisense CDS 95
LMJ.RY0402.205501_1 LMJ.RY0402.205501 sense CDS 58
LMJ.RY0402.207395_1 LMJ.RY0402.207395 antisense CDS 95
LMJ.RY0402.207395_2 LMJ.RY0402.207395 antisense CDS 95
LMJ.RY0402.208167_1 LMJ.RY0402.208167 antisense 5'UTR 73
LMJ.RY0402.209059_3 LMJ.RY0402.209059 sense 3'UTR 73
LMJ.RY0402.217352_3 LMJ.RY0402.217352 sense CDS 73
LMJ.RY0402.223917_2 LMJ.RY0402.223917 sense 3'UTR 73
LMJ.RY0402.230157_1 LMJ.RY0402.230157 sense 5'UTR 73
LMJ.RY0402.235862_2 LMJ.RY0402.235862 antisense 5'UTR 73
LMJ.RY0402.236564_1 LMJ.RY0402.236564 sense 3'UTR 95
LMJ.RY0402.236564_2 LMJ.RY0402.236564 sense 3'UTR 95
LMJ.RY0402.237922_4 LMJ.RY0402.237922 sense intron 58
LMJ.RY0402.241105_1 LMJ.RY0402.241105 antisense 5'UTR 73
LMJ.RY0402.247399_3 LMJ.RY0402.247399 antisense 5'UTR 95
LMJ.RY0402.247399_4 LMJ.RY0402.247399 antisense 5'UTR 95
LMJ.RY0402.248133_1 LMJ.RY0402.248133 sense CDS 95
LMJ.RY0402.248133_2 LMJ.RY0402.248133 sense CDS 95
LMJ.RY0402.249995_2 LMJ.RY0402.249995 sense 3'UTR 73

Gene Annotations

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Mutants in this gene exhibit a phenotype under the following conditions:

Paromomycin, screen 1 of 6 ( 85% confidence (FDR = 0.15))
Paromomycin, screen 2 of 6 ( 74% confidence (FDR = 0.26))
Paromomycin, screen 3 of 6 ( 90% confidence (FDR = 0.1))
Paromomycin, screen 4 of 6 ( 93% confidence (FDR = 0.07))

Note: FDR indicates the likelihood that a particular genotype-phenotype relationship is incorrect. Not all mutants in a particular gene show the same phenotype. Please see the mutant pages for each mutant's phenotypes. Complementation is needed to definitively prove a genotype-phenotype link. These data are from a pooled phenotyping experiment.

If you reference the phenotypic data above in a manuscript, please cite: Fauser et al. 2022 Nature Genetics.