Gene: Cre07.g345900 (Genome version: v5.5)


Common name:DCL3
Defline:Dicer-like protein
Description:Dicer-like protein presumably involved in posttranscriptional gene silencing/RNA interference

Protein Localization

We did not create a plasmid for this gene.

Protein-Protein Interactions

We did not determine any protein-protein interactions for this gene.

Mutant Strains

Insertion Junction Mutant Strain Orientation Insertion Junction Feature Confidence (%)
LMJ.RY0402.038476_1 LMJ.RY0402.038476 antisense intron 95
LMJ.RY0402.038476_2 LMJ.RY0402.038476 antisense intron 95
LMJ.RY0402.053385_1 LMJ.RY0402.053385 sense intron 73
LMJ.RY0402.080558_1 LMJ.RY0402.080558 antisense intron 95
LMJ.RY0402.080558_2 LMJ.RY0402.080558 antisense intron 95
LMJ.RY0402.133861_1 LMJ.RY0402.133861 sense intron 73
LMJ.RY0402.145549_1 LMJ.RY0402.145549 antisense intron 73
LMJ.RY0402.147048_1 LMJ.RY0402.147048 sense intron 95
LMJ.RY0402.147048_2 LMJ.RY0402.147048 sense intron 95
LMJ.RY0402.159736_1 LMJ.RY0402.159736 sense CDS 73
LMJ.RY0402.169645_1 LMJ.RY0402.169645 sense intron 95
LMJ.RY0402.169645_2 LMJ.RY0402.169645 antisense intron 95
LMJ.RY0402.181141_1 LMJ.RY0402.181141 antisense CDS 95
LMJ.RY0402.181141_2 LMJ.RY0402.181141 antisense CDS 95
LMJ.RY0402.205510_1 LMJ.RY0402.205510 sense intron 95
LMJ.RY0402.205510_2 LMJ.RY0402.205510 sense intron 95
LMJ.RY0402.218859_3 LMJ.RY0402.218859 antisense CDS 73
LMJ.RY0402.224496_1 LMJ.RY0402.224496 sense intron 95
LMJ.RY0402.224496_2 LMJ.RY0402.224496 sense intron 95
LMJ.RY0402.237786_1 LMJ.RY0402.237786 antisense intron 58
LMJ.RY0402.239092_1 LMJ.RY0402.239092 sense intron 73
LMJ.RY0402.253048_1 LMJ.RY0402.253048 sense CDS 95
LMJ.RY0402.253048_2 LMJ.RY0402.253048 sense CDS 95

Gene Annotations

PFAM:PF00636, PF03368, PF00271, PF00270
Gene ontology terms::GO:0003723, GO:0004525, GO:0006396, GO:0016891, GO:0003676, GO:000438
Best arabidopsis TAIR name:AT1G01040.2
Best arabidopsis TAIR symbol:ASU1,ATDCL1,CAF,DCL1,EMB60,EMB76,SIN1,SUS1
Best arabidopsis TAIR defline:dicer-like 1
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Mutants in this gene exhibit a phenotype under the following conditions:

LAT040A06, screen 1 of 1 ( 90% confidence (FDR = 0.095))

Note: FDR indicates the likelihood that a particular genotype-phenotype relationship is incorrect. Not all mutants in a particular gene show the same phenotype. Please see the mutant pages for each mutant's phenotypes. Complementation is needed to definitively prove a genotype-phenotype link. These data are from a pooled phenotyping experiment.