Gene: Cre17.g726850 (Genome version: v5.5)


Common name:

Protein Localization

We did not create a plasmid for this gene.

Protein-Protein Interactions

We did not determine any protein-protein interactions for this gene.

Mutant Strains

Insertion Junction Mutant Strain Orientation Insertion Junction Feature Confidence (%)
LMJ.RY0402.038407_1 LMJ.RY0402.038407 antisense intron 95
LMJ.RY0402.038407_2 LMJ.RY0402.038407 sense intron 95
LMJ.RY0402.065951_1 LMJ.RY0402.065951 sense CDS 58
LMJ.RY0402.101592_1 LMJ.RY0402.101592 antisense 5'UTR 95
LMJ.RY0402.101592_2 LMJ.RY0402.101592 antisense 5'UTR 95
LMJ.RY0402.117181_1 LMJ.RY0402.117181 antisense 3'UTR 73
LMJ.RY0402.120205_1 LMJ.RY0402.120205 antisense intron 95
LMJ.RY0402.120205_2 LMJ.RY0402.120205 antisense intron 95
LMJ.RY0402.130826_2 LMJ.RY0402.130826 sense intron 73
LMJ.RY0402.158022_1 LMJ.RY0402.158022 sense intron 95
LMJ.RY0402.158022_2 LMJ.RY0402.158022 sense intron 95
LMJ.RY0402.168696_1 LMJ.RY0402.168696 sense CDS 73
LMJ.RY0402.176258_1 LMJ.RY0402.176258 sense 5'UTR 95
LMJ.RY0402.176258_2 LMJ.RY0402.176258 sense 5'UTR 95
LMJ.RY0402.178243_1 LMJ.RY0402.178243 sense 3'UTR 95
LMJ.RY0402.185027_1 LMJ.RY0402.185027 sense intron 95
LMJ.RY0402.185027_2 LMJ.RY0402.185027 sense intron 95
LMJ.RY0402.186693_1 LMJ.RY0402.186693 antisense CDS 95
LMJ.RY0402.186693_2 LMJ.RY0402.186693 antisense CDS 95
LMJ.RY0402.199313_2 LMJ.RY0402.199313 sense 3'UTR 73
LMJ.RY0402.238323_4 LMJ.RY0402.238323 antisense 5'UTR 73

Gene Annotations

Gene ontology terms::GO:0003723, GO:0030529
Best arabidopsis TAIR name:
Best arabidopsis TAIR symbol:
Best arabidopsis TAIR defline:
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Mutants in this gene exhibit a phenotype under the following conditions:

Paromomycin, screen 5 of 6 ( 78% confidence (FDR = 0.22))

Note: FDR indicates the likelihood that a particular genotype-phenotype relationship is incorrect. Not all mutants in a particular gene show the same phenotype. Please see the mutant pages for each mutant's phenotypes. Complementation is needed to definitively prove a genotype-phenotype link. These data are from a pooled phenotyping experiment.