Gene: Cre03.g164250 (Genome version: v5.5)


Common name:FAP262
Defline:Flagellar Associated Protein, protein kinase
Description:Flagellar Associated Protein, similar to protein kinases, found in the flagellar proteome [PMID: 15998802]


Insertion Junction Mutant Strain Orientation Insertion Junction Feature Confidence (%)
LMJ.RY0402.041731_1 LMJ.RY0402.041731 sense CDS 73
LMJ.RY0402.067168_1 LMJ.RY0402.067168 sense CDS 95
LMJ.RY0402.067168_2 LMJ.RY0402.067168 sense CDS 95
LMJ.RY0402.114155_1 LMJ.RY0402.114155 sense intron 95
LMJ.RY0402.114155_2 LMJ.RY0402.114155 sense CDS 95
LMJ.RY0402.122887_1 LMJ.RY0402.122887 antisense 3'UTR 73
LMJ.RY0402.129704_1 LMJ.RY0402.129704 antisense CDS 73
LMJ.RY0402.161956_1 LMJ.RY0402.161956 antisense CDS 95
LMJ.RY0402.161956_2 LMJ.RY0402.161956 antisense CDS 95
LMJ.RY0402.205078_1 LMJ.RY0402.205078 antisense 3'UTR 58
LMJ.RY0402.228556_1 LMJ.RY0402.228556 sense CDS 95
LMJ.RY0402.228556_2 LMJ.RY0402.228556 sense CDS 95
LMJ.RY0402.231469_1 LMJ.RY0402.231469 sense intron 95
LMJ.RY0402.231469_2 LMJ.RY0402.231469 sense intron 95
LMJ.RY0402.244340_1 LMJ.RY0402.244340 sense CDS 73

Gene Annotations

PFAM:PF00612, PF00069
PANTHER: PTHR24055:SF175 PTHR24055
Gene ontology terms::GO:0005515, GO:0004672, GO:0005524, GO:0006468
Best arabidopsis TAIR name:AT1G67580.1
Best arabidopsis TAIR symbol:
Best arabidopsis TAIR defline:Protein kinase superfamily protein

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