Gene: Cre03.g176833 (Genome version: v5.5)


Common name:

Protein Localization

A plasmid for expressing Cre03.g176833 tagged with the fluorescent protein Venus and affinity epitope 3xFLAG is available: pLM005-Cre03.g176833-Venus-3xFLAG

No localization data is available in our datasets for this protein.

Protein-Protein Interactions

Bait ID Bait Name Prey ID Prey Name Reference
Cre17.g724300 PSAK Cre03.g176833

Mutant Strains

Insertion Junction Mutant Strain Orientation Insertion Junction Feature Confidence (%)
LMJ.RY0402.038464_2 LMJ.RY0402.038464 sense CDS 58
LMJ.RY0402.054839_1 LMJ.RY0402.054839 antisense CDS 95
LMJ.RY0402.054839_2 LMJ.RY0402.054839 antisense CDS 95
LMJ.RY0402.063457_1 LMJ.RY0402.063457 antisense intron 95
LMJ.RY0402.063457_2 LMJ.RY0402.063457 sense CDS 95
LMJ.RY0402.075010_1 LMJ.RY0402.075010 sense CDS 58
LMJ.RY0402.095180_1 LMJ.RY0402.095180 sense intron 73
LMJ.RY0402.101512_2 LMJ.RY0402.101512 antisense 5'UTR 73
LMJ.RY0402.101766_1 LMJ.RY0402.101766 antisense 5'UTR 73
LMJ.RY0402.117016_1 LMJ.RY0402.117016 sense CDS 95
LMJ.RY0402.117016_2 LMJ.RY0402.117016 sense CDS 95
LMJ.RY0402.139333_1 LMJ.RY0402.139333 antisense CDS 73
LMJ.RY0402.143183_1 LMJ.RY0402.143183 sense intron 73
LMJ.RY0402.173330_1 LMJ.RY0402.173330 sense 3'UTR 73
LMJ.RY0402.176807_2 LMJ.RY0402.176807 antisense intron 95
LMJ.RY0402.176807_3 LMJ.RY0402.176807 antisense intron 95
LMJ.RY0402.178801_1 LMJ.RY0402.178801 sense CDS 73
LMJ.RY0402.197498_1 LMJ.RY0402.197498 antisense intron 73
LMJ.RY0402.218042_1 LMJ.RY0402.218042 antisense 3'UTR 95
LMJ.RY0402.218042_2 LMJ.RY0402.218042 antisense 3'UTR 95
LMJ.RY0402.223125_1 LMJ.RY0402.223125 sense CDS 73
LMJ.RY0402.229383_1 LMJ.RY0402.229383 sense 3'UTR 73
LMJ.RY0402.233447_1 LMJ.RY0402.233447 sense intron 95
LMJ.RY0402.233447_2 LMJ.RY0402.233447 sense intron 95
LMJ.RY0402.245762_1 LMJ.RY0402.245762 sense 5'UTR 58
LMJ.RY0402.254167_1 LMJ.RY0402.254167 sense CDS 73

Gene Annotations

Gene ontology terms::
Best arabidopsis TAIR name:AT3G18780.2
Best arabidopsis TAIR symbol:ACT2,DER1,ENL2,LSR2
Best arabidopsis TAIR defline:actin 2
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Mutants in this gene exhibit a phenotype under the following conditions:

Latrunculin B, screen 1 of 2 ( 99% confidence (FDR = 1.3e-28))
Latrunculin B, screen 2 of 2 ( 99% confidence (FDR = 2.8e-27))

Note: FDR indicates the likelihood that a particular genotype-phenotype relationship is incorrect. Not all mutants in a particular gene show the same phenotype. Please see the mutant pages for each mutant's phenotypes. Complementation is needed to definitively prove a genotype-phenotype link. These data are from a pooled phenotyping experiment.